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  • Dill (Anethum graveolens)


  1. Dill is available in weed and seed, both fresh and dried. Dill is an herb that produces clusters of small flowers from which dill seed is gathered and dill weed is obtained from the thin, feathery leaves. The light aroma of dill faintly resembles licorice.
  2. Dill weed is good in soups, omelets, seafood dishes, herring, salmon, potato salads, and steamed vegetables. Dill seed is used in breads, pickling, cabbage dishes, stews, rice and cooked root vegetables.

    Dill has a totally unique spicy green taste. Add whole seeds to potato salad, pickles, bean soups and salmon dishes. Ground seed can flavor herb butter, mayonnaise and mustard. The leaves go well with fish, cream cheese and cucumber.

  3. Medicinal values of dill: They put dill in "gripe water," which they give to infants to relieve gas and sharp intestinal pains. Dill also promotes milk flow in breastfeeding women and cattle.

    Dill is anti spasmodic for intestines as well as muscles. Herbal medicines made from the dill herb are used to treat flatulence, digestive disorders and stomach pain.

    Dill seeds act as breath-fresheners.



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    (Hos 6:1)

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