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Thine All in All


Art thou weary, heavy-laden?
Hear thee now sweet words of peace;
"Come unto Me and rest."

Dost thou struggle to rise above thy trials?
Have cares of life been thrust upon thee?
"Fear thou not, for I am with thee."

Hast all security been uprooted,
From thy life, thy home, thy heart?
"I am unchanging, rest in Me."

Dost thou continually seem to fail,
In conquering temptations 'round thee?
"Take heart, for I will help thee."

Hast thou been forsake, betrayed,
By thy friends, perhaps thy loved ones?
"I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee, child."

Art thou in the depths of despair?
Does the road ahead look bleak?
"Never fear; I will hold thy hand."

Hast thou been wounded, hurt, dismayed,
Disappointed by life's trials?
"I will never disappiont thee."

Art thou crushed beneath a greif,
Perhaps the passing of a loved one?
"Do not grieve thus; in Me they rest."

Dost thou feel burdened with sin?
Art thou soul-sick, weary, dismayed?
"'Twas for such as thee I came to die.

"Hear thee now, thou child of Mine,
I paid the ransom at Calvary.
I love thee. In Me thou wilt find rest.

"I have called thee by thy name,
Thee have I chosen; none other,
I want thee to be My child.

"Come tell to Me thy troubles,
I have not turned Mine ear from thee.
I never slumber, never sleep.

"Earnestly seek Me, and thou wilt find,
Knock,and the door shall be opened,
Ask, and I will give to thee.

"Take heart, I will revive thy soul.
Allow thy heart to famish?
Thus shall I never do.

"Trust in Me and thou shalt find,
Thy needs fulfilled, thy hopes complete.
Thou mayest therefore rest assured.

"I will guide thee, love, uphold thee,
'Till thy journey be complete.
As I was with Moses, so I am with thee.

"In My bosom thou wilt find,
Peace, nowhere found in all the world.
I am thy Shelter in the time of storm.

"Though thy life is full of sorrow,
Hate, betrayal, by all,
Peace be thine, My peace give I to thee.

"In all the storms of life,
Through all thy tears and sighs,
I am thine All in All."


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