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The Brotherhood

We believe that the church needs a brotherhood, submitting one to another in the fear of God. Each individual is set for the edification of the whole.

1Pet 2:17

1Joh 2:9-11

1Joh 3:10

1Joh 3:14-15

1Joh 4:20-21


Jaco van der Merwe

Missionary & Evangelist
Brother Jaco van der Merwe came to salvation in 2003. He has a great zeal for the Lord since that time and very soon he started praying to be released from his business to go into fulltime ministry.
The Lord first needed him to be a witness in his Jerusalem before he would go to the uttermost parts of Namibia. He faithfully ministered where his work would take in Namibia, Angola and South Africa. He had many opportunities being a traveling salesman.
In 2013 the Lord opened the door and Brother Jaco went on early retirement. This allowed him to go on unlimited missionary travels and continue as freelance representitive for his company in the north of Namibia.
He is currently based in Windhoek but travels between the different locations in Namibia

Pieter Jansen van Vuuren

Brother - Klippiespan
Namibia has a large farming community and Brother Pieter finds himself rooted there on a family farm in the Nina district called Klippiespan.
He started visiting the fellowship from time to time with his family since 2012. He joined the brotherhood in 2017 yet he and his family have been part of the fellowship for at least 4 years.
Pieter is a widower and lives alone with his 4 children farming with cattle, sheep and goats.
His family uses every opportunity to witness of the grace and peace they have found in the will of God for their lives and living in the fulness of that joy. Through the sorrows of the death of the beloved wife and mother God grew fruit from ground watered with tears.

Llewellyn van der Merwe

Leading Brother
Llewellyn started preaching in 1999 soon after he was converted, especially to his close friends who were still in the world. In later years he has been led of the Lord to start a fellowship in his home with his family since 2001. This has grown in various directions of which A True Christian Church is the home of ongoing work for the Lord in Namibia locally and worldwide online.
He is a tentmaker using his skill as computer programmer and developer to primarily build programs for Christian websites and initiatives. He also does secular work in developing various internet based projects from which he earns an income to support his family.
Llewellyn is married to Roline and is father to 7 children. They are currently based in Windhoek, Namibia.
Watch the following sermon live here

Immanuel Kapuire

Brother Immanuel joined the fellowship in 2005 when he came to stay with the Van der Merwes for a time after recovering from a tragic divorce. He stayed for 8 years. He joined the brotherhood in 2008.
When Brother Jaco started moving around Immanuel also moved out of Windhoek as a truckdriver for a drilling company. He frequently travels from the north to Windhoek and even to South Africa on errands.
Immanuel encourages all with his joyfulness.

Rudy Amon

Brother Rudy is based in Windhoek. He is married to Isabel. He attends fellowship with his 5 children.
He attended the fellowship since 2006 and joined the brotherhood in 2008.
His testimony of endurance and perseverance under difficult circumstances is of great encouragement to all who knows him well.
He faithfully witnesses about the power and grace of God to his family and colleagues making him a missionary in the city.

Theo Hamukoto

Brother - Amana
Theo is our brother who attends to the needs in the north of Namibia with Brother Jaco. He has a vision to start a missionary base and Bible school at Amana.
Brother Theo met Jaco 2012 and was part our prayers ever since. We had the privilege of meeting his family in January 2017 for the first time in Windhoek. He joined the brotherhood later that year.
He is blessed to be married to Adelheid and has 3 children from their union living. In January 2018 they had tragic vehicle accident in which the Lord took two of his children to be with Him forever. God showed Himself strong on behalve of them through all this and only drew them as a family nearer to His side.


Since 2003
~ Discerning Servant


Since 2012
~ Kind & Gentle


Since 2001
~ Honest & True
Servant Leader


Since 2005
~ Joyful & Caring


Since 2005
~ Broken & Meek


Since 2016
~ Faithful

Becoming Part of the Brotherhood

It is required of all in the brotherhood to be of the same mind ~ Amos 3:3
Therefore those wanting to join the brotherhood should agree on these points:

Confession of Faith

Every brother in the brotherhood should agree with this

Confession of Faith

Open for Correction

Every brother should agree to be open for correction from other.

Mat 7:3-5; James 5:16

Give Correction

Every brother should be willing to correct another in a fault.

Mat 18:15-17; 1John 5:16; Luk 17:3

Willingly Forgive

Every brother should willingly forgive one another.

Mat 18:21-22; Mat 18:35; Luk 17:3