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Of course a beautiful lady without discretion is like a pig with a shiny gold ring through his snout.  Yet let us take a closer look at God's ultimate desire for courtship vs. dating.  Keeping yourself pure and unspotted in a crooked and perverse generation where divorce is rampant as well as every other immorality.

Courtship Testimony - Paul David and Eileen Weaver

Paul David (PD)

I was about sixteen years of age when I heard a set of teaching tapes on godly courtship, and through that God kindled a deep desire in my heart to go for the best He had for me in the area of choosing a marriage partner. Watching my oldest sister live out many of these principles in her courtship also helped raise the standard in my heart. I knew I was too young then to enter into a life-long relationship with a girl, so I totally committed it to the Lord, and began to pray that He would work it all out in His way, and in His time. I was not praying about anyone in particular, but I desperately wanted to keep my heart for the one woman that would someday be my wife. I had struggled and failed in allowing my heart and mind to be infatuated with thoughts about girls in my younger years, but I repented and now wanted to keep free from any premature emotional attachments.

Emotional Freedom - Mollie Jo Cassidy

As young ladies, we are created with a need for emotional fulfillment. Though the desire for marriage is a God-given gift, the Lord has also supplied abundant grace to live happily without a life partner, for as few or many years as He should choose. In this season of singleness, the Lord intends for us to find true freedom in being totally His and given over to His matchless love. These years also hold a unique opportunity for intense spiritual growth and ministry.

Rise Up, My Love - Megan I. Neill, age 18

Rise up, My Love, and come away,
My Fair One, come with Me;
My love, My Dove, My Perfect One,
For I have chosen thee.

My arms will bear you upward,
My strength will make you strong;
My love for you is better,
And this shall be your song.