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Two Young Girls

About the year 1550, it happened in the bishopric of Bamberg, that two young girls espoused and received Christ by faith, were baptized upon their faith, according to the doctrine of Christ, and arising from sin, sought to walk in newness of life with Christ.

two girls led to be martyredOn this account the anti-Christians sought to hinder them in this good resolution, and to quench their good intention as much as lay in their power: They therefore cast these two young lambs into prison, where they tortured them with great severity, and sought also with other unchristian means to cause them to apostatize; but as they were firmly built upon Christ, they remained faithful and steadfast during the entire trial. (Col. 2:7; Rev. 2:10.)

Hence, the authorities, who herein generally follow the advice of the false prophets, condemned them to death; at which they were joyful and undaunted. When they were led out to execution, their persecutors, by way of reproach and mockery, placed wreaths of straw upon their heads; whereupon one said to the other, “Since the Lord Christ wore a crown of thorns for us, why should not we wear these crowns of straw in honor of Him? The faithful God shall for this place a beautiful golden crown and glorious wreath upon our heads.” Thus these two young branches armed themselves with patience, according to the example of their Captain Jesus, remained faithful unto death, died steadfastly, and obtained, through grace, the glorious crown with God in heaven.

OnlookersThe girl’s adversaries remarked that they died quite undauntedly and steadfastly, and that they had the true foundation and ground of the Christian faith in their Redeemer Christ Jesus, whom they openly confessed, and called upon in their distress, wherein they steadfastly died with a firm hope.

The executioners were so impressed with the way that they died that afterwards they started to doubt as to whether they themselves were not in greater error before God, than these young girls, even though the girls were Anabaptists

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