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March / April 2005

March / April 2005

Parents' Prayer

Make them good soldiers of Jesus Christ; let them
never turn back in the day of battle. Let them be
winners and helpers of soals. Let them live not to
be ministered to, but to minister.

Make them loyal; let them set loyalty high
above all things. Make them doers,
not mere talkers. Let them enjoy
hard work and choose hard things
rather than easy. Make them
trustworthy. Make them wise,
for it is written, He hath no
pleasure in fools.

Let them pass from dependence
on us to dependence on Thee
Let them never come under the
dominion of earthly things; keep
them free. Let them grow up healthy,
happy, friendly, and keep to make
others happy. Give them eyes to see the
beauty of the world and hearts to worship its Creator.

Let them be gentle to beast and bird; let cruelty be
hateful to them. May they walk, O Lord, in the light
of Thy countenance.

And for ourselves we ask that we might never weaken.
"God is my strong salvation" ...we ask that we
might train them to say that word and live that life
and pour themselves out fro others unhindered by self.

Amy Carmicheal

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