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January / February 2001

January / February 2001

Guarding the Spirit of Your Home

Beloved Sisters, do not judge and criticize your husbands,
or your husbands will judge and criticize you.
Beloved Sisters, do not judge and look down upon your husbands,
or God will judge you.
To the degree that you judge and find fault with your husbands,
to that degree shall God and others judge you.
Why do you focus on the speck in your husbands’ eye,
and you do not see the beam in your own eye?
Why do you say to your husband,
“Let me correct the speck in your eye?”
and behold, there is a big timber in your eye.

If you do this, you are a hypocrite,
you chase away the Spirit from your home.

Why do you judge and scrutinize your husband’s actions?
For he has a judge who will correct him.
Who do you think you are, to take God’s place and pass judgement?
Beloved Sisters, let us stop judging and finding fault with our husbands.
Let us stop speaking evil of them, and questioning their every move.
For what ever a wife soweth, that shall she also reap.

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