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September / October 2005

September / October 2005

The Kitchen Sink

Perhaps you're at a steaming sink,
A wall before your eyes
but sister, you can leap that wall
Escape the kitchen sighs
You're washing pots and pans my dear
But think of this way
Each piece to represente a soul
For whom you weep and pray

Then as you plunge those dishes in
There's souls you dearly love
Committed to the cleansing blood
The stains of sin remove
Oh sister give each dish a name
And make your washing up
A time intercessory prayer
Revive believing hope

you've laid unnumbered dishes down
But in your heart you know
You've laid unnumbered burdens down
Where healing waters flow
Thus from that steaming kitchen sink
Upon the wings of prayer
You rise beyond confining walls
An angel unaware

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