Llewellyn & Roline

Van Der Merwe
~ 4 September 1999

Brother Llewellyn

As you know by now I am married and have eight children, my wife’s name is Roline and we are married for nineteen years now.

I grew up in South Africa, we moved a lot, I was in a new school almost every second year. I was deported to Namibia at the age of 16 because of many things; best way to call it is rebellion against my mother and step-father. So I was send to my real father who stays in Namibia, I became a so-called Christian who went to Church.

Yet I soon found my new friends and we had much fun drinking and the usual. I had this double life of pleasing my dad and yet seeking fulfilment to all my lusts. Up till then I was still a virgin and a huge liar because I told everyone I had many girls, speaking about things boastful as if I am the meanest person around. The truth was I wanted to be wicked but have just not found the opportunity to live that which was in my heart.

Sister Roline

Dear reader, I am blessed that you would take the time to read this short testimony of my conversion the Lord thus far. To God I pray that He might use it as He seems fit, even in your life.

It is always difficult to think where to start because everything plays a role in the big picture but to keep it short I will just give a quick overview of my childhood. I was born to my parents on 3rd May in the late seventies, the first and only daughter of two children in Swakopmund, Namibia, Africa. I grew up in a traditional ‘Afrikaanse boere’ house. I was taught about the Lord from an early age and can remember being 7 years of age and having a great desire to be a missionary. I went all my childhood and youth to the NG (Dutch Reformed) church where I was baptized, catechized and confirmed. In school I was an exemplary student and excelled academically in many areas.