a Vision from heaven

As you know by now I am married and have eight children, my wife’s name is Roline and we are married for twenty years now.

I grew up in South Africa. We moved a lot, I was in a new school almost every second year. I was deported to Namibia at the age of 16 because of many things; best way to call it is rebellion against my mother and step-father. So I was sent to my real father who stays in Namibia. I became a so-called Christian who went to Church.

Yet I soon found my new friends and we had much fun drinking and the usual. I had this double life of pleasing my dad and yet seeking fulfilment to all my lusts. Up till then I was still a virgin and a huge liar because I told everyone I had many girls, speaking about things boastful as if I am the meanest person around. The truth was I wanted to be wicked but have just not found the opportunity to live that which was in my heart.

Drinking soon became boring and so also the ‘big talk’. So I found a girl and some marijuana and life became one big orgy as sin abounded. I started using speed, acids, smoked mandrax, and anything we could get our hands on. Before long I was smoking ‘rocks’ and became well known as the marijuana man. We became involved in the new age ‘cult’ and ‘hinduism’ which was quite nice seeing that we saw power and much gain in that way of life.

On the other hand my life was falling apart. I worked for my father as a sales man and my job suffered due to my new found life style. I was earning huge bucks and this supported my drug life, yet my drug life was messing with work and so I had much pressure from my dad.

It became too much for me so I started taking more than usual and one night I overdosed. I sat in a nightclub (rave club) completely out of it, and suddenly a remark of a friend unleashed a vision of God that changed me forever. I was 20 years old at the time.

Now I cannot explain what all happened there. But like for a moment in my mind’s eye I saw God high and lifted up on His throne in heaven. Millions of beings requiring His attention, and He having no problem answering all at once. Like a hub of Dominion and Power inexpressible Huge! HUGE! Then in that moment in the middle of all those millions and millions of great things that He was doing with no effort, He turned to me, to my shock and said: "Yes, I love you, what are you doing with your live? come and follow me, and I will use you. What you are doing is not what I have planned for you." As soon as I realized what I saw and heard, I was so guilty before God ( I knew I am a hell deserving sinner) that I jumped up to run, just to find myself in the midst of many demons lurking at me, I mean a saw dark shadows looking at me all over the place, like they knew what I realized (today I know I saw the fallen spirits, something we are forbidden to do - but that is what drugs do, it opens men up for the spiritual world of devils). Fear gripped me and I ran out of that Devil's house. Racing home I cried, "God, O God help me. I am lost! Help, O God Help, Help!" I remember sitting in my car outside weeping and heard that same voice of the One on the high throne, saying, "Go get your Bible".

Getting to my room after much searching I found a Bible. I started praying and reading desperate for answers. You see it was clear to me that God is real and that what I am reading is the truth and so all started making sense to me. Soon I knew that I should repent of my ways and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died to save me from my sin (can set me free) and eternal judgment in hell. I can still remember I prayed and it was like a river of peace flooded my heart. My friend whom I stayed with was knocking at the door, and there were fightings in the house (like they were angry over what I was doing), but I would not answer them. I was crying to God to save my soul, that he would take me and help me; my life was a mess. Only after I was sure God heard me and will certainly answer me. I got up and opened the door, by then the whole house was quiet, almost like overwhelmed (spiritually I could sense that the devils or one could say spirits knew they lost the fight).

I started witnessing every day to all what happened to me. Very few believed me. They all would ascribe it to the drugs; and whether it was so that God used the drugs, I cannot say. One thing was for sure, I was never the same after that night. Evolution and many other arguments were used to try and break down what God has done in me, but to no avail for He has kept me.

I have found the true way of life. God is with us as He was with those in scripture and every day I am more and more overwhelmed by this wonderful Saviour. He really thought of everything.
Well, that was a mouthfull. I am a minister of the Gospel today. I also work on the Internet and run a number of websites. I do carpentry. Being a husband and a father is very rewarding and a great joy.

I am still in the faith 21 years later and have never fallen back into those sins God delivered me from; the drugs, immorality, smoking, drunkenness, and many others. He has kept me, and can do so for any who will come to Him. It is a wonderful salvation and a wonderful Gospel with power; Blood that really cleans and truth that does truly set free from anything that has bound you. He has all authority!
This is life, that we may know Him that can give life....
Hope this testimony of God's mercy on me, a little man, will bless you and encourage you to also trust Him more.

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