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Creatively Practicing the Presence of God - Krystal Yoder

He is risen as He said!” Our God is alive. He is available for you and I. Every day is His—and I am His child. I want to walk in the light as He is in the light and glorify Jesus in all that I do and say. This article is about how to communicate with the best friend that I have. It came to my attention just when I needed it. I was feeling pressure to get my column finished and at the same time facing an energy crisis. I had no idea how I would find the extra time to bless you all and yet. . . God is so faithful. He renewed my spiritual man through the sweet meditations that Krystal shared and gave me something to share with you until I can finish my next article. Read it. Share it. Copy it and hang it in your kitchen, bedroom and/or bathroom to ponder and meditate on. (Krystal has walked through the valley of sorrow. She mothered and gave up a little one who was ill all of her short life. Truly, fellowship with the Master is learned as we lean on Him.)

I am convinced that the reason so many of us feel spiritually dry is that we have not learned how to meditate and fellowship with God as we walk through the day. We all have a real need for this kind of fellowship with Him. God created us to walk and talk with Him and to bring Him glory. So often, we plod through our busy, busy days and do not stay in touch with Him. He steps aside for a bit, just like a parent does to an independent two-year-old. He lets us run ahead or lag behind and trip and get a bit scuffed up. Then He calls to us to “Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest...” If we are wise, we will come. We will let Him take hold of our hands again and help us over the rough places, for with Him, “His yoke is easy and His burden is light...”

Enjoy with me, Krystal’s thoughts on keeping God in the forefront of your life. It is such a positive, uplifting way of talking to God throughout the day. May it spread sunshine on your path. Her article follows:

  • As you pull back the curtains:

Lord, may Your sunshine fill my heart today.

  • As you get dressed:

Lord, I put on the garment of praise this morning for the spirit of heaviness. I purpose to praise You and other people today.

  • As you comb your hair and put on your covering:

Lord, may I be submissive to my husband/father and have a meek spirit. Cause me to die to self.

  • As you brush your teeth:

Lord, place a guard at my mouth to stop any unkind, untrue or unnecessary words from escaping today. I pray I will be as the virtuous woman. “She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness.”

  • As you greet family members:

Lord, I realize that because You live in the members of my family I am actually greeting You, and all day long as I interact with them, I am ministering to and speaking to You.

  • As you take a shower:

Wash all the sin and self out of my life today, Lord. I imagine Your blood flowing over me, cleansing me and wiping out the strongholds of the devil.

  • As you wash your face:

Lord, may I reflect Your radiance and glory today. May my eyes and smile reflect Your love.

  • As you perform your household duties:

(washing dishes, laundry, cleaning the house)

Lord, as I remove the clutter from my home, likewise remove all the sin from my life, especially __________. Because You dwell here in my home, it is as the “Holy of Holies.” I am standing on holy ground, surrounded by Your presence.

  • As you eat:

Lord I am being filled with Your power to overcome sin today. I take in Your grace, Your holiness, Your body and Your blood. Just as I have all this food which I need to be strong and healthy; so also I need Your power and grace to be more than a conqueror. May I desire food for my soul to a greater degree than I desire physical food.

  • As you drink water:

Lord, my thirsty spirit longs for the water You so freely supply from the fountain of life. You have made streams to flow into the deserts of my life; You have caused springs to flow into the ravines. I will get thirsty and unsatisfied again after this physical water. But as I consistently drink deeply of the eternal water of life I need never experience spiritual dryness again.

  • As you sew and do crafts:

Lord, You are a God of precision. As I am concerned with the details of this project, You are even more concerned with the details of my life. (Remember, the backsides of many projects don’t look nice, but the tops are a beautiful masterpiece!)

  • As you go to bed and pull up the covers:

Lord, I am laying down in Your arms of security. Your arms are around me.


Used by permission

Krystal Yoder

Taken from "The Heartbeat of the Remnant"




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