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April / May / June 2009

April / May / June 2009

My life was always full of ease,
late and slept in summer's breeze.
My parents, too, and other kin
Have healthy,full,e'esatenbeen.

Our only purpose we have known
to find more grass;we're ne'er alone
We live in welcome company
of our friends ans family.

When enemies or pest accost
No time or energy is lost
We huddle round or side by side
defense for all the ground provides.

Such close companionship is sweet
Our needs the streams and pastures meet
But lately i have heard the call
that's constant,clear,and goes for all.

Just yesterday I gaze awhile
Across the fields for many miles
The wide expanse lies fallow,bare.
It's barrenness yields only tares.

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