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Tennis biscuit Substitutes

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Tennis biscuit Substitutes


  • 1 packet tennis biscuits


  1. 1 Packet Tennis biscuits is 200 grams which means 7 ounces.  Now for recipes that calls for the cookie crumbs 7 ounces of Graham crackers or any sweet butter biscuits or cookies would do.  But to get closer to the real Tennis biscuits you will need to add 1-2 tbsp per 7 ounces of dessicated, toasted coconut. Mix with rest of ingredients as the recipe calls for.

    In Australia there is apparently Arnott's Nice biscuits which will do.

    Some recipes will call for the whole biscuits used, then you could just sprinkle some toasted coconut ontop

  2. This is the versatile Tennis biscuit.  Nice for dunking in coffee or tea or use in 1 of our family favourite recipes.  Can be used for easy pie crusts or adding crunch to many desserts.


  3. Recipes that calls for Tennis Biscuits:


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