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This man is a man of contrasts!
To Judah, He is a lion,
Yet He is the Lamb of God.

He is a Lamb,
Yet He is also the Good Shepherd.
He paid tribute,
Yet He is a King.
He is King of kings,
Yet He came to serve and to die.

This man is man of real contrasts!
He is the Bread of Life,
Yet He hungered in the wilderness.
He is the water of life,
Yet He thirsted on the cross.
He is the spring of life,
Yet He is also a rock.
He has no place to lay His head,
Yet He is our rest and our refuge.
He was called a devil,
Yet He casts out demons.
He prayed,
Yet He hears our prayers.

This man is a man of true contrasts!
The lowly carpenter of Nazareth,
Yet the Great Architect of the universe.
He was sold for thirty pieces of silver,
Yet He redeems sinners.
He wept,
Yet He dries our tears.
He died,
Yet He destroyed death.

This man, yes! a man of eternal contrasts!
And so the Son of God
Is also the Son of man.
The eternally righteous son of God,
Yet killed as a criminal by men.
But as God is not a man,
And man is not God,
The contrasts in Jesus
Mean the unity of God and man.

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