My Testimony

Hi, I am Sanri Jansen van Vuuren and this is my testimony of God's salvation.

I will begin with my beginning.
I was born on the 7th of July, 1997 and was brought up with the Word of God and family devotions.

When I was about 5 years old, my parents went to an AEB (Africa Evangelistic Band) camp near our farm. There I gave my heart to God by praying the sinners prayer, although I did not truly understand what it meant to accept Christ.

That day something happened between me and my Saviour which protected me for all the years that followed. The Lord accepted me not because of the sinners prayer, but in spite of it. I was sincere, as a little child I simply believed that Jesus died for me.
My grandmother can testify that I was a very naughty girl before that day, but afterwards I was a sweet, gentle girl who only wanted to talk about Jesus.

My parents started to homeschool me, but after three years my mother was too sick to continue, so my father send me and my sister to a private Christian school, where we had to stay in the hostel.

After a year and a half my mother died, leaving my father with 3 girls and a baby boy. This was a very difficult time and I slided backwards in many ways.
In this so called "Christian" school I learned many filthy and ungodly things. I learned how to be a good hypocrite, but the Lord's hand of protection was over me. The Lord helped me by giving me a very sensitive conscience which was not easy to ignore. Many a time I was lonesome because I would not approve in my friends' doings. But time went on and bit by bit I sank deeper and deeper into sin.

When I went to high school, I was quite upset with myself for being such a sport spoiler. Here I decided to give up and just go with the flow...
But God had a bigger plan!! Before I got too deep in trouble God sent a missionary to visit my father. This missionary would help on the farm and would feed my father's longing soul with true biblical sermons. When we children came home he would give youth messages. This was just what I needed! It strengthened me and gave me hope to stand up for what is right. I can still remember how the children in my class would tell me to close my ears when they wanted to make filthy jokes or to close my eyes when they wanted to look at unholy things. Thus the Lord helped me and whenever I fell. I received a lot of redicule from my friends for indulging in the very sins I warned them against.

At that time I started to wonder how baptism works. I asked my catechism teacher, who was a preacher, why he baptize (christen) babies when the Bible teach us to baptize believers. He only explained to me that I was too young to understand baptism.
Through all this God helped me to hunger and thirst more after His righteousness than to be satisfied with false and carnal doctrines and education.

The next year it was time for my brother to go to school, but because my eyes opened up to the truth, I warned my father not to put him in this reputable "Christian" school. I knew what was going on and didn't want my innocent brother to get in touch with sin into which all indulged without shame.

God's grace and faithful, helping hand is worthy of all glory and honour!
After six long years the Lord helped my father to bring us back home. At home we had no idea how to get started, but the Lord send friends to help us while my father prayed and decided on a curriculum. It was a good for me to be at home and learn to take up responsibilities as the eldest.
Once my father chose a curriculum and the material came, we begun with only the Lord as our teacher. The Lord isolated us from our old friends and helped me to focus on His will. I was a hungry soul and listened to sermons and the Bible all day whenever there was time. The Lord changed my language, my clothes, my music, what I looked at, my thoughts, my lifestyle, my goals and my desires. I repented of my sin and left those old hypocritical ways!
At the end of our first homeschool year, 2013, I was baptized. With my baptism I testified that my life had ended and Christ's life had begun in me. From that day on I had easier victories over sin, Satan, and my fleshly desires; although Satan tried me worse than ever before. God never allowed temptations above my ability to call on Him for help. I am too weak to help myself whenever temptations come!

Thus the journey with my Saviour began and His blood became more precious to me than ever before. For His blood, shed in a moment, is not equel to all the souls who will burn in hell; it is much more than that. My Saviour's blood payed the price that I may eternally live with Him and for Him!!!

Oh, may I always rest in God's pruning hand, abide in Christ, and be faithful unto death.

Thank you for reading this. May you also allow God to fulfill His purpose in you!

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