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Catch the Vision


Catch the vision of a banner
Lifted high and raising hope
To blood-spattered, weary soldiers
Who have felt the bruising stroke.

Catch the vision of a healing
For the heart contrite with sin,
Bringing beauty for the ashes—
Bringing peace amidst the din.

Catch the vision of a captive
Bursting forth from prison door
To announce the great deliv’rance
To the hurting, to the poor.

Catch the vision of the blinded,
Praises from his lips streaming.
He has seen God’s mighty kingdom—
He’s like a man a-dreaming.

Catch the vision of Jerus’lem,
Glorious city on a hill,
A lamp burning with great brightness,
Motivated by His will.

Catch the vision of the holy,
No desire but to please Him:
Left behind the temporary,
All earth’s notions, ev’ry whim.

Catch the vision of a pilgrim,
Blazing trails, eyes on the goal.
He is mocked; he is so battered.
But he has grace, bless his soul!

Catch the vision of a meeting,
Of a King, and of a bride.
Expectations surge within her—
For eternity! By His side!

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