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January / February / March 2009

January / February / March 2009

Life that is aimless is both restless and forceless. How many a
trumpet hangs on the walls of society, useless, voiceless and rusty! It has no luster and gives forth no music, and is losing
the power to emit sound. What an hour of redemption, when
some brave warrior lays hands on the long unused instrument,
puts it to his lips and blows a bugle blast!< /p>

Young men—you whose life hangs idle, aimless, mute, while
the right is battling with the wrong, would to God that some
hero-spirit might set you quivering and resounding with the
clarion-peal of a holy purpose to serve God and man! No work
is so wearisome as doing nothing, and no self-sacrifice is so
costly as self-indulgence. Could you wear the “magic skin”
which makes sure the gratification of every selfish whim, it
would shrink with every new carnal pleasure and so at last
crush out all true life.

A.T. Pierson from “The New Acts of the Apostles”

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