April / May / June 2008

April / May / June 2008

Until the Daybreak

The night is dark, yet stars are studded
Jewel-like on the midnight sky,
Puffs of filmy clouds have scudded
From the breezes’ evening sigh;
On the wind a gentle calling
Of a wooing nighttime bird;
Dew, still falling, sweetly falling,
Reflects the moon like silver blurred.

Ah, night is dark! And yet its grandeur
Soft and gentle, sweet, sublime,
Moonlight gleams in silent splendor,
Slowly fall the sands of time;
The Lord can soften midnight’s starkness–
Until the daybreak, sunrise clear,
He is with us in the darkness,
And through our trials...God is near.

Claudia Esh June 23, 2007

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Job 6:14

  • 14 To him that is afflicted pity should be shewed from his friend; but he forsaketh the fear of the Almighty.
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