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Who Will Go?

Somewhere, in some distant, foreign, strange land, there is a house prepared—but empty. Waiting. In that same land there are souls prepared. Waiting.

Some are not just waiting though. They’re calling: “Please send us a missionary! We need a missionary!” They know that someone can come and tell them the way to God, but that someone hasn’t come yet. They are prepared...and waiting.

Some are not waiting anymore. They have finished waiting. Death has called. They never heard—no one came to tell them the way to God. They died…and went to hell.

Somewhere, although they are hard to find, there is a missionary seeking the Lord. He’s still at “home,” but God has been speaking to him just like He spoke to Abraham: “It’s time to move on.” He knows there is a house waiting. He knows there are people waiting...and he cares! He’s ready to go. He’s been preparing. He has a fulfilling, close relationship with God that nothing can separate. He knows his Bible and he knows God’s will. He can’t just sit at home, be comfortable, and build his empire while the lost around him are waiting—and dying. “Someone must go! Here am I, Lord, send me!” These people are few in number, but praise God there are a few.

Somewhere there is another missionary. He is also hearing the cry of the heathen. He is hearing the call of those who have never heard. His heart is burdened. He prays and cries, yet no one will send him! “It’s too dangerous!” “Don’t be so radical! Just settle down.” “Maybe later.” Hopefully people in this situation are a small percentage, but maybe there are more than you think.

Somewhere there is a future missionary. He’s heard the call of God. He once spent his life pursuing the things and riches of this world. He may have lived an acceptable Christian life among those who knew him, but now he’s different. God has captivated his attention. His priorities have changed. His life is on fire. Now he’s preparing. He knows, and now he cares about those that are waiting.

Somewhere—well, almost everywhere!—there are those who call themselves Christians. They go to church every time there is a service. They tithe, pray, preach, counsel and do all kinds of Christian things. They look OK. The church considers them in good standing. They have read the Bible through, some of them more than once. They know the verse that says, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38) Maybe they even have some nice things on their walls at home. They might even have a Bible verse displayed, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” (Luke 10:27)

There is only one problem—they’re not doing anything about the lost! How can they miss the call of those who sit in darkness? Either they don’t care or something else has gone wrong to keep the from realizing that there are those who are prepared and waiting. Some have been waiting for generations. Somehow, this part of God’s heart has never reached their’s, or else they have rejected it. Maybe they couldn’t give up this world’s comforts. Maybe it’s not safe enough. Maybe no one ever told them.

“I don’t think I could handle the water. I’m too sensitive.” “That’s too dangerous.” “I’m too old. Send someone younger.” “What about my children?” “If I would have been asked before I started my business, then maybe. But I can’t now.” “I couldn’t bear to let my son or daughter go. We’re too close!” “Someone else will go. I’m not a missionary.” “I’m married now.” “If they really want to know, they’ll come to us.” “I don’t think it’s really that bad.” “I’m really sorry, but I’m too busy.”

The lost are still waiting. While we build our empires, relax in luxury, and continue without care, they are dying. They’re prepared, but we aren’t. What will we say when we stand before God’s throne, and He asks us what we’ve done about those who are waiting? Souls for whom Jesus died, valuable in God’s sight.
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