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Mary - A Woman Who Found Favor - Peggy Hostetler

As I ponder Mary, the mother of Jesus, I think of a maiden—sweet, fresh, pure and simple. I see her small stature busily going about her daily tasks with no thoughts as to what her future will hold. Oh, I am sure her dearest Joseph crossed her mind, though, from time to time. Her impending betrothal must have given her great joy indeed.

The Bible tells us in Luke, Chapter 1 that God found favor with Mary. The angel that visited Mary said, “Hail! Thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.” I would like to look at those precious words, “You have found favor.”

She was beloved of God. He saw in Mary a woman who was after His own heart. God wasn’t a stranger to Mary. She knew of the promised Messiah and no doubt longed for this “promised one.”


Do you have that same longing; are you looking for His return? Does God find favor in you? Do you become one with Him in sweet, intimate fellowship? Just imagine the encounter Mary had with the angel ringing out his salutation, “Hail, Mary!” She must have been caught off guard with surprise—or was she? Certainly she must have experienced a lot of mixed emotions, but could it be she was in communion with God in prayer at the entrance of the angel appearing in her room?

What has your response been to the Lord when He has found favor with you—when He has given you a higher calling? Did you follow through with the directions the Lord gave to you? Or did you plod, question and muck your way through? Maybe you are following through, but you have done so begrudgingly.

Mary’s heart must have been full at the undertaking of carrying and birthing the Messiah, Jesus. It was no mistake that God gave Elizabeth to Mary as a special, confident sister. Elizabeth was past child bearing years and Mary was a virgin. Only our Lord could use these two examples of impossibility to show us that absolutely nothing is impossible with God! Dear, sweet Mary’s response, “Behold the maid servant of the Lord! Let it be unto me according to Your word.” This is so precious to me. Oh, sisters, her response should rock the very foundation of our souls! She was saying, “I am here Lord, I am Your servant, humble, and willing to be used in any way and for any purpose, according to Your will!”

Do we “allow” God to use us? Do we give ourselves to Him, wholly and completely with no hold, fully trusting and fully laying ourselves down at his feet? When was the last time you entered your prayer closet and said, “Behold, the maid servant of the Lord! Let it be unto me according to Your word?” Do we surrender our will so that God’s will and purpose can be fulfilled?

He has a will and purpose for each of us if we would only surrender to Him. Mary was a woman who found favor with God. Indeed, she was a woman of influence to all of us living today. Are you a woman who has found favor? Are you a woman of influence?

Taken from "The Heartbeat of the Remnant"




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