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Common Women like You and Me - Geraldine Kouwen

If God would add another part to the Bible, could it be that your name would be in it?

How special do you need to be to get mentioned in the Bible?

Are you a grandmother that influences her grandchild’s life? Lois influenced Timothy’s life in such a way that Paul knew it and reported it. 2 Ti. 1:5

Are you a mother that stands alone in caring for the spiritual welfare of her children? Abijah and Hezekiah, her son, followed God. He opened the temple that his father had closed. 2 Ch. 29:1

Are you taking care of somebody else’s children, doing house chores for someone else, and not being important in the eyes of others? Deborah, Rebecca’s nurse did. She left her country to help Rebecca when she married Isaac. She was faithful until the end of her life, and her name was only mentioned at her death. Ge. 35:8

Are you working hard for the Lord, doing good, helping the poor right there where you are? Tryphena, Tryphosa, and Dorcas did, and today people still read about their work for the Lord. Ro. 16:12, Ac. 9:36

Have you opened your heart for hospitality? The Shunamite woman did. Do you feel that this is a small thing? She provided some minor but essential service that helped move God’s message into other hearts. 2 Ki. 4:8

Maybe you don’t get human love, attention, and respect. Leah didn’t, but Israel’s priestly line came from her third son, Levi, and the Messianic line from her fourth son, Judah. Ge. 29:31

Does your life have unexpected turns in the road? Do your children leave the family business? Salome’s sons James and John did. They left all their securities to follow Jesus. You appreciate that, but you would also like a place of honor for them. Salome desired a good place for her sons, but Jesus redirected her wishes. She accepted the changes. It didn’t damage her faith. She was one of the women mentioned at the crucifixion and at the resurrection. Mk. 15:40

Are you single but living a life dedicated in devotion to your God? Anna was so tuned in with God that she immediately recognized Jesus when He came into the temple as an eight-day-old baby. Lu. 2:36

Maybe your husband heard God’s call and he is making plans. Neighbors, friends, and relatives are laughing. They don’t understand, but you don’t discourage him. You go with him, and stand beside him. Maybe you wonder what will happen with your family. Maybe you have to live in very uncomfortable circumstances. Noah’s wife had to face this kind of life. Stress-free living was not a part of the ark experience. But she became a part of God’s salvation plan. Sometimes, like Noah’s wife, we end up as part of a mission that doesn’t have our name on it. When your husband takes a role in church leadership or in a mission project, it will impact your life too. How do we respond? Are we supporters, or do we complain? Complaints never glorify God, but willing service always will. Ge. 7:7

Maybe you are in a very difficult situation. Your family is suffering, there is no security for the future, and your husband is not able to help you. Will you still be supportive? Satan used Job’s wife as a tempter. Through great trials, even greater faith may grow if we don’t give in to despair like Job’s wife did. Job 2:9

Let us focus on Mary, Jesus’ mother. When she was a young girl, she found favor in God’s eyes. She was just a simple girl, nobody important. She heard the message of the angel, and she felt free to share her problem with him. She waited for the answer and believed in faith. Yes, she found favor in God’s eyes, but the people around her saw her as a fornicator. Lu. 1:30

She had normal motherly feelings and was concerned when Jesus was lost. Lu. 2:48 She told Jesus about problems other people had and learned to wait on Jesus’ timing in solving the problem. She saw Jesus leaving the business and starting His ministry, a life without securities, no pillow to lay His head on. Jn. 2:3 She wasn’t able to convince her other children that their brother was the Messiah. At the cross, Jesus told John to take care of His mother. We don’t read a lot about Mary during the years of Jesus’ ministry, but she must have heard all the gossip and bad things people said. She was willing to see her Son suffering. She followed Jesus until the end. Jn. 7:5

Let us follow Jesus till the end as faithful, common sisters. With much love, Geraldine Kouwen