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One Stick at a Time

 Carrying sticksAuthor of "Amazing Grace"

 The evil of yesterday is gone, that which is appointed for tomorrow is not yet arrived. Would it not be well if we could live with the Lord by the day? This reminds me of a fable.

A father asked a young child to carry a large wood pile. The child tried, but it was beyond his strength; he could not lift it. Then the father took off the bands and said, “carry one stick at a time.” This the child did easily, till he had removed the whole pile.

Thus the troubles of a month or year, which would be too heavy for us if they came all together, are parceled out by our wise and gracious Lord into daily portions. We have, as it were, to carry one stick every day. But often, when we have carried the stick all day, we can not or will not lay it down at night. And we pick up the sticks allotted for future days or weeks, long before the appointed time. It is no wonder that we say “Oh, what a heavy burden!” “Oh, how weary am I.” Well, the day is coming when we hope to drop every load, and to bid farewell to sin, sorrow, and care forever.

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