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But Ye Are A Chosen Generation


Have you ever thought about the strange way in which God is calling a people out of a people already called? The word ekklesia, or church, means called out, but God is calling out a still more select body from the church to be His bride—those especially prepared for His coming.

We see an illustration of this in the story of Gideon. When first he sounded the trumpet of Abiezer there resorted to him more than thirty thousand men; however, he was instructed by God to reduce the number. A first test was applied, appealing to their courage, and all but ten thousand returned home. Gideon's testBut there needed to be an additional elimination, and so a second test was applied appealing to their prudence, caution and singleness of purpose, and all but three hundred were refused. With this small but select band, Gideon raised the standard against the Midianites. Through the power of God he won his glorious victory. So in this present day the Master is choosing His three hundred, and by them He will yet win the world for Himself. Let us be sure that we belong to the “out and out” people.

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