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As part of the Amana vision we practice subsistance farming and plant the fields in the rainy season. Here in Namibia it normally starts to rain in December or January until April.

Roselle Tea & Jam

Agricultural Production

Early September, we began with land preparation, clearing and digging out stumps for the Hibiscus and Corn project. Additional opportunity to share the good news of the Kingdom as we interact with people on day to day basis. Roselle hibiscus which is called (mutete) in the local language, grow 7 feet tall and takes about six months to mature.The roselle plant is well known for it's fleshy leaves that can be cooked as greens but then its dried calyces is used to make a delicious deep-red and sour juice which contains abundant amounts of natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C. This is part of an answered prayer.

Camp Meeting at Amana

Brothers Jaco, John and sister Maria arrived earlier, before everyone else, to help with the preparation for the camp meeting. With more hands the preparation went well and we successfully completed building a traditional boundary wall for the Amana mission house.

On 16 September, everyone arrived at Amana for the Camp meeting. It was a weekend of inspiring messages and fellowship. Our family was encouraged and humbled by the fellowships. We were also blessed to see some SALT group members joining us for the camp meeting.

The children also had fun chasing chickens and watching the bees that were all over the kitchen searching for water, though they stung some of the children, praise God none of them are allergic to bees.

After the Camp meeting all the families departed and safely arrived at their destinations.

Brother Jaco, brother John and sister Maria remained with our family for a few days.

Morning fellowship

Breakfast & Morning Fellowship

Group walk

Group walk

While everything went so well, one morning our little daughter poured hot water on her chest and body. We thank God for her complete healing and we're grateful for the support and for the counsel which we received from other fellowship families who had been in the same situation before.

Salt continues to be an accessible tool for gospel outreach in Amana and its surroundings. We had an opportunity to travel with Bro Jaco, John and Maria to visit the SALT groups. As we visited the groups brother Jaco shared messages for each group. Please pray for the salvation of more souls through SALT and that we may continue to faithfully point them to Him.

With Christ's love,
the Hamukotos