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October has been a month of preparation for a family event called Iitalapepata. We commenced with building one family apartment to accommodate our visitors and of course the main kitchen which is "epata" when translated into our native language, Oshiwambo.

A Month of Preparation

Kitchen in building

Kitchen in Building

Kitchen built

The Finished Kitchen

2 room house in building

A Two Room House in Building

2 room house built

The Finished House

We were so grateful for the Lord's kindness to accomplish the amount of work in due time and for every helping hand including some SALT group members.

What is Iitalapepata

Iitalapepata is a special family event in Oshivambo culture meaning "seeing the kitchen". Traditionally, married couples are required to build a kitchen (epata) for their new family and it's obvious there is no kitchen without a house. It is seen as an opportunity for the two families to unite and bless the couple's new home.

Our Iitalapepata

On the 29th October, while we were busy with the final preparation, bro. Jaco arrived at Amana in the afternoon. It was a surprise visit and we were so blessed to have the brother present to witness this special event. The next day on the 30th our parents arrived in the afternoon for their first time coming at Amana.

hamukoto family

The Hamukotos & Family

group foto

The Family & Br. Jaco

Considering traditions

As family, it took us some time before we were certain about this specific event. So this only happened after we heard some council from the fellowship's brothers. It is important to honor our parents, however as Christians during gatherings at events like this there are some traditional customs that we must forsake for Christ sake.

Bro Theo and bro Jaco both gave words of encouragement from the the Bible.

We are thankful to the Lord for the council we received from the fellowship's brothers. Where no counsel is, the people fall but in the multitude of counselors there is safety

With Christ's love,
the Hamukotos