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Who's Touching the Ark?

Brother Len speaks on absolute obediance and how it is necessary to walking in God's will that without this obediance we begin to dry up spiritually. Secondly, he discusses man's dealing with holy things of God, namely the ark of God. The application he preaches on is how we try to dress the gospel up to modernize it. He points out that the man who tried to steady the ark was not blaspheming God, he was not smashing it, or in any way intentionally rebelling against the Lord but for all this, he was still disobediant and killed on the spot. "A lady called me from the border of Mexico today...she was weeping, she said, '...oh, we do want to be such great soulwinners'...I said to her, my dear look, the first commandment is not, "thou shalt be a soulwinner," the first commandment is, "thou shalt love the Lord thy God..."

2 Samuel 6:1-6 [in]