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When God Comes Do you want God to come and make a difference in your life? Are you willing to sacrifice your own plans for your life and let God take control? When God met with Abraham, his life was changed. Your life will also never be the same after God comes. Mose Stoltzfus Consecration Download
When God Comes... the Gospel Is Preached This message examines what happened when God came to this earth in the person of Jesus Christ. He finished the work of redemption on the cross. We cannot add to it. When we accept by faith the finished work of Christ, our lives will be transformed. Mose Stoltzfus Salvation Download
When God Comes... Sin Is Exposed This message is a serious call to God's people to deal with sin in their lives. It gives strong warnings on the dire consequences of immorality, which affect lives personally, as well as the church and the entire nation. Mose Stoltzfus Sin Download
When God Comes... There Must Be Repentance God will not come and visit us with salvation and victory over sin unless we have genuinely repented. This involves deep sorrow and grief for our sin, and a turning away from it. Mose Stoltzfus Repentance Download
When God Comes... Man's Religion Must Go The religion of men is incompatible with the Gospel of Christ. This message examines the characteristics of false religion, and contrasts it with the genuine religion of the Bible. Mose Stoltzfus Heart Christianity Download
A Measure or Gauge for Our Lives Mose Stoltzfus Heart Christianity Download