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Caught By The Word

Dear Remnant,

Your publication is very precious to me. It provides sustenance in a "dry land." That is why I am reading every single jot and tittle contained in each copy. Praise our Lord for the people who have begun this good work, and who are now carrying on the work. He is and will be blessing you forever.

Read bibleYour last issue (Jan./Feb. 2002) asked for a testimony. Here is mine. I think it was your March/April 2001 issue that had an article on "Studying a Book of the Bible." I took this suggestion, and on August 18, 2001 I began my own Bible study. I began as you suggested with Philippians just because I could think of no reason not to start there. I had given some thought to the notebook that I needed for it as I am having trouble writing by hand. I chose a steno-pad as the spiral is on the top and would not interfere with my hand. I began writing out those verses that stood out to me with special meaning, underlining words, and soon writing other pertinent thoughts on the overleaf as well.

Since I had recently been involved in a translation job (English to German), it came to me to check out what the German Bible (Luther Ed’n, Stuttgart, 1984) would have to say on certain words or concepts. This was the beginning of a strong flow of blessings from the Lord, which I felt I needed to record. As the blessings began to flow, I had to give up the speed you had suggested (of reading morning and evening the same passage) and do one book for three weeks. Now I began to go more and more as the Holy Spirit directed. This bore much fruit in my study. Soon I found that many concepts are brightly illuminated when one compares the German and English expression. Then the idea came to include Matthew Henry’s Commentary (my latest acquisition), and that really opened the flow wide.

I mentioned already that I am having trouble writing by hand, but God is even blessing my hands. There have been numerous times when I felt so uplifted in Spirit and so filled with joy that even my handwriting flowed smoothly and beautifully, as it did in my youth. Glory to God!

When I had finished Philippians, somebody suggested John to me. This took awhile to complete; now I am working on Matthew—almost done. By now I am finishing the fourth steno-pad, which shows you the abundant flow of grace and blessings that is coming as I receive new insights and record them.

Let me share another blessing that has come as I continue to study. I am being "called" in the middle of the night when there is the greatest quiet. I get up, go to my desk and continue the Bible study for a couple hours or more. I have never been "too tired" the next day. Indeed, it has become the most blessed, joyful and exciting period of my day. It can be recommended to anyone. The fact that I am pursuing studies at my own pace (sometimes even dwelling on a single verse that period) is showing me that it is important to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me in my search. I feel that this is a key, because He is the teacher of His word. It seems only fair to mention that I live alone and have no family (besides the church), which has a bearing on the quiet time and the options that are open to me for middle of the night Bible study.

I would also like to mention that I am reading your book reviews with great interest. The book by E.H. Broadbent, The Pilgrim Church, is providing insights on the many difficulties and apostasies found in the church today. Therefore, it is very profoundly guiding and strengthening. I have been writing all of my friends about it and even sent an "excerpt" from page 395 (identifying the book/publisher) and some of the thoughts about ritualism and rationalism on that page. These two curses are great modern hindrances to being open to God’s revelation and blind us from seeing the steps that need to be taken in order to evangelize the lost.

May our blessed Lord be close to each of your readers and each member of the Remnant staff.

In His name,
Irina Azar

I want to give a hearty "thank you" to our fellow pilgrim for this excellent letter of testimony. This is what we are looking for from our readers. The testimony of blessing inspires others to take up the challenge and step into the waters of spiritual exercises.

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