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Greetings in the name of our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, from Amana Mission. After months of busy ploughing and sowing, we praise God for the successful germination of all the seeds and trust Him for more rain in the future.

SALT Groups

SALT continues to serve as a catalyst for reaching souls in and around Amana. Despite the increasing demand for new groups this year, the brothers have agreed to focus only on the existing groups. The idea is to faithfully sow on existing grounds, hoping for fruitful outcomes in due time. We ask for your prayers that the Lord of the harvest may send more laborers in due season. Brother Theo continues to engage with these SALT groups, and it is significant that the eyes of some group members are being opened to the truth. They listen attentively during meetings and even ask questions. Unlike before, they were hesitant to accept the truth, fearing that it would draw them away from their churches. Some even quit the groups due to the teachings. However, our faithful Father continues to draw those who seek the truth to these saving groups. Some groups have expanded tremendously, as the result of the teachings, by new members joining.

We were blessed by the visit of a young man named Dionisius, whose heart is seeking the truth. We ask for your prayers for him and for Brother Theo to remain faithful in sharing the truth.

God Supplies

But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:19

On the 11th of November 2022, as a normal day, after our daily activities, we left home to go to a nearby location called Mpungu. Upon returning home, we were delighted by a surprise visit from three brothers: Brothers Jaco, Pieter, and PZ.

  • The bull which Brother Pieter presented us

    The bull which Brother Pieter presented us

  • Lapaka adapting in dry season

    Lapaka adapting in dry season

Brother Pieter presented us with a gift of a bull. One of the brothers mentioned that it was just a short visit. We fellowshipped that evening, and the next morning, they departed back to Windhoek.

We named the bull Lapaka, meaning "fruitful." Lapaka has been adapting well since then, and we are expecting his first offspring by the end of this year.

We express our gratitude to the brothers and sisters who offered their helping hand. We praise God for His mercies and goodness upon us!

Another Surprise Visit

During December, we did not have as many activities as usual because we had already completed early plantation. Unfortunately, the crops this year did not look as good compared to last year. The maize and mahangu had already started to wither, except for the hibiscus, which looked healthy. While we were expecting the visit of Brother Jaco and Brother Anthony Fisher alone, Brother Llewellyn and Sister Roline, along with their children, accompanied them. Additionally, a missionary from Charity Christian Fellowship, Brother Jay Smoker, was part of the surprise package.

The Lord blessed us abundantly during those few days together. We had a sweet fellowship with the brothers, sisters, and children playing together at the mission. During their visit, we had the opportunity to visit one of our SALT groups together, and some brothers shared words of encouragement.

We would like to express our gratitude for your love and prayers.

The brothers fellowshipping
A game of ball
Sitting together under a tree

For Him, Theo, Adelheid,
and the children.