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Harvest sets in and we praise God for the bounty. Walking in hope to see an increase in the coming years, we persist in improving our methods. As we rejoice for these blessings poured from our heavenly Father, we continue pleading for a harvest of souls. The field is white.

Hibiscus Harvesting

Bush with ripe calyces

Calyces ready to be picked

Bowl of freshly picked calyces

Freshly picked calyces

Seeded calyces

Seeded calyces

January to May was harvesting time. We started harvesting with Hibiscus (also called Roselle). Only harvesting from hibiscus plants that are free from chemicals and pesticides ensures the best-tasting and healthiest tea.

When harvesting the hibiscus:
  • First you allow flowers to fade on the plant before harvesting the hibiscus calyces, the bulb-like part of the plant between the flower and the stem. This contains the seed capsules of the hibiscus.
  • Then remove the seed capsules from the fleshy calyces.
  • Next soak the calyces in a bowl of water to eliminate dirt and dust.
  • Lastly set calyces on a drying rack outside in a dry, sunny spot. You should allow the calyces to dry completely.

It was quite a slow process but the result was magnificent. During harvest, the Lord brought Brothers Jaco and John to assisted us during harvest.
Hibuscus plants in field

Hibuscus field

Despite some challenges of cold weather which hit the remainder of our hibiscus, by the Lord's help we successfully managed to harvest a total of 145 Kg of Hibiscus, ½ a Ton of Corn and 1 Ton of Mahangu. We were very grateful to the Lord of the harvest.


We added 4 new groups and there are still some pending calls and some existing groups have tremendously increased in size. The harvest truly looks plenteous, but the labourers are few, we trust the Lord of harvest that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

Despite the profits and interest which they are making, our cry to the Lord is to turn the hearts of our listeners that they will be converted.

Family and Fellowship

We do evening devotions as a family and tune in on Sundays and Wednesdays for the brothers’ messages from the Windhoek Fellowship, which had been a tremendous blessing for our home/family. Our desire is that travel to Windhoek at least three times a year for fellowship and discipleship.

Please pray for us to remain faithful and keep our eyes fixed on Him alone.

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