Anabaptists: The Church Living in Antithesis to the World



Sometimes it seems that others understand us better than what we understand ourselves. The following article was taken from a book written by Evangelical authors who openly do not profess to be Anabaptists, and who clearly state that they think Reformed theology and practice is better than Anabaptist ideas.

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The Gospel of the Kingdom

Based on a message preached by John D. Martin


    This message takes us straight to the core of the matter. And what is that “matter”? The “matter” is the distinction between the gospel of the kingdom and the typical “gospel” message that is preached in your average “Street Corner Evangelical Church” in North America.

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A More Glorious Gospel

A look at “flat Bible” theology

In the nearly eight years since we moved here, we have had several visitors who believe and teach something called “flat Bible” theology. “Flat Bible” thought is easy enough to recognize, but it has many variations. Recently a family from Missouri visited here, and as the conversation unfolded I noticed the familiar pattern again. And so I asked him, “Have you ever read Thomas Lancaster’s book called Restoration?

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