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Preparing Our Youth Girls for the Future. - Amy Smoker
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It seems that in Titus when instructions are given as to how to train young women, we are to train them AS IF they are going to marry and bear children.  We know that some women are called to serve God in a single state, and we want our girls to be content in whichever state God chooses for them. We explain to our girls that there is a possibility marriage will not be their future, we also explain that training in that direction will still be very beneficial. Should they remain single, they will still operate in the same “realm” in many ways: in a home with their parents or a sibling; helping a family on the mission fields; working at a Christian residential home for the disabled, orphaned or elderly, etc. God has a wonderful plan to use each of these young women for the furtherance of the Kingdom.


So we seriously set out to train them in homemaking: the everyday tasks of keeping a home, being self sufficient (as far as having the ability to sew, cook, can and garden), making the home a tidy, simple haven reflecting Jesus and not the world’s tastes. This takes up much of their time and these are fun lessons. (By now my girls are better than me at most of these tasks so they are no longer lessons, just lots of practice sprinkled with words of advice.) It is such a blessing when the girls find joy in these everyday tasks– it will add grace and beauty to their future homes. When the mother in a home delights in her duties, it gives an air of contentedness.



We guide them in the ways of childtraining: lovingly guiding children, teaching them God’s truths, and disciplining. We daily stop to point out to the older girls the very subtle, often unnoticed moments of training. We call them aside and explain why we are working on a particular sin or habit in someone’s lives and what the outcome would be if it went undealt with. We show them scriptures, expose them to tapes, let them hear our hearts on the applications, and acknowledge our failures. We are open with them concerning difficult training issues and speak to them about loving discipline, even occasionally taking them in to watch how we handle chastening. Although we encourage them to listen to tapes or to read The Pursuit of Godly Seed, we still think that watching the application and seeing the victories and failure in their own home is the most effective.


Helping in Other Homes

Occasionally our girls have the privilege of helping out in other homes. This exposes them to other godly women and to other ways of running a household. We do not want them inflexible, thinking our way is the only way. In fact I enjoy discussing their time with them when they return because I continue to learn as well!


Minister to the Hurting and the Widow

We encourage the girls to minister to the hurting and the widow. They often write notes of love, spend time in prayer or deliver meals or gifts. I wish we did it even more often!


Missionary Medical Intensive

Around the age of twenty, we allow our boys and our girls to take part in a weeklong twelve-hour day intensive course called “Missionary Medical Intensive.” For a girl this prepares her to be a helpmeet should her husband spend time on the mission field. Or it enables her to help a missionary family or work in a mission clinic. At the end of the course there is a section on emergency midwifery. The textbooks are a tremendous resource for the future and are written by Christian MD’s. Not all of our youth will take this course. It depends on their vision and circumstances.


Advanced Missionary Training

Occasionally some of our church girls have attended a three-week Advanced Missionary Training course in North Carolina. It has proven valuable to many a future missionary. We would only recommend very consecrated girls and then only in groups so as to encourage and sustain them in a pure walk with the Lord. Should one of our daughters court a man who is headed to the mission field, we would likely send her in a group to this course if that were the desire of her future husband.

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Taken from "The Heartbeat of the Remnant"


Taken from the Heart beat of the Remnant





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